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Research Statement: Photovoltaic Modules: Effect of Tilt Angle on Soiling, An MS Thesis, Submitted by Jose Cano, July 2011 (This study presented data obtained only for three months in 2011 and it is continued to collect additional data in 2012 and 2013) Determination of Soiling Losses in Two PV Power Plants (4 years old; 16 years old) Installed in a Desert Climate, A report from ASU-PRL submitted to the project sponsor (Salt River Project), July 2013. An Evaluation of 26+ Years Old 200 kW SolarOne Power Plant, A report from ASU-PRL submitted to the project sponsor (Salt River Project), April 2012 C. Deline, J. del Cueto, and D. S. Albin, C. Petersen, L. Tyler, G. TamizhMani: Transient Response of Cadmium Telluride Modules to Light Exposure, IEEE PVSC 2011 J. Gonzales and G. TamizhMani, High efficiency fuel cell based uninterruptible power supply for digital equipment, 153, 151-156, 2006 TamizhMani’s research team wrote four major online ( study reports for Solar ABCs (a DOE supported standards and codes repository) in the 2009-2013 period. These 3 study reports are related to: Accelerated Lifetime Testing of PV Modules – a literature review (a 120-page report); Supply chain procurement specifications of PV cells; Nameplate rating and tolerance specifications (recently converted into a national standard, UL 4730); Validation of power and energy rating standard – IEC 61853-part 1 (Power Matrix); Validation of power and energy rating standard – IEC 61853-part 2 (Angle of Incidence Effect on Glass Superstrate). R. Pan, J. Kuitche and G. TamizhMani: Degradation analysis of solar photovoltaic modules: Influence of environmental factor, Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS), 2010. K. A. Suleske, J. Kuitche, J. Singh and G. TamizhMani: Long-term performance degradation of grid-tied photovoltaic modules in a hot-dry climatic condition, SPIE conference, August 2011


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