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SciVal Experts Semantic Web Portal

Chicago Collaboration for Women in STEM has implemented a semantic service of its data. This page serves as the starting point for accessing Chicago Collaboration for Women in STEM semantic data. The data currently available for inclusion in the semantic web are:

  • Researcher Information
  • Journal Articles
  • Curriculum vitae data
The data offered in SciVal Experts are exported on a regular basis into a triple store using the VIVO recommended ontologies (http://vivoweb.org/) and exposed by a SPARQL server.

Web Form

The web form allows users to query the triple store for exploratory purposes. It supports standard SPARQL queries, and responses are available in the following formats: XML, HTML, Text, and CSV.

Access the web form

SPARQL Endpoint Service

The SPARQL server can be directly queried following the url structure defined below. Learn more about the SPARQL Endpoint and how to access the data by selecting the Show Details below.

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Additional Information

We recommend that you visit this page regularly to view updates and get the latest information on our semantic service. Additionally, you can visit the following sites for more information:

Terms and Conditions

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License, with attribution to SciVal Experts.

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