Corrine K Hanson University of Nebraska Medical Center, Medical Nutrition Education

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Corrine K Hanson


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2014 Melissa Thoene; Corrine Hanson; Elizabeth Lyden; Laura Dugick; Leslie Ruybal; Ann Anderson-Berry
  Comparison of the effect of two human milk fortifiers on clinical outcomes in premature infants
  Nutrients. 2014;6(1):261-275.
2013 Corrine Hanson; Erica P.A. Rutten; Emiel F.M. Wouters; Stephen Rennard
  Diet and vitamin D as risk factors for lung impairment and COPD
  Translational Research. 2013;162(4):219-236.
2013 Isaac Berg; Corrine Hanson; Harlan Sayles; Debra Romberger; Amy Nelson; Jane Meza; Bruce Miller; Emiel F.M. Wouters; William Macnee; E.P.A. Rutten; et al.
  Vitamin D, vitamin D binding protein, lung function and structure in COPD
  Respiratory Medicine. 2013;107(10):1578-1588.