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Ilene S Speizer


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  • 1.

    Audrey Pettifor; Linda Adair; Charles van Der Horst; Lisa Hightow-Weidman; Clare Barrington; William Miller; Michael Emch; Michael Hudgens; Suzanne Maman; Clarence Potter; Rohit Ramaswamy; Ilene Speizer; Harsha Thirumurthy

    UNC Wits AIDS Implementation Research and Cohort Analyses Training Grant

    6/1/2014 - 3/31/2019

    Sponsor: NIH Fogarty International Center for Advanced Study in the Health Sciences

    Funding: $ 602,962.00

  • 2.

    Kavita Ongechi; Clare Barrington; Ilene Speizer; Bruce Fried; Cyril Engmann; Sudhanshu Handa

    Evaluation of Project Fives Alive! Ghana

    7/1/2010 - 12/31/2015

    Sponsor: Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

    Funding: $ 1,627,875.00

  • 3.

    Sudhanshu Handa; Linda Adair; John Akin; Gustavo Angeles; Margaret Bentley; Shelah Bloom; Amy Herring; Lisa Pearce; Audrey Pettifor; Ilene Speizer; John Stewart; Chirayath Suchindran; Harsha Thirumurthy

    Multi-Country Study of Impact of Social Transfers on Children

    2/1/2010 - 12/31/2011

    Sponsor: Save the Children

    Funding: $ 79,323.00