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Novel bifunctional nanocatalysts for aqueous-phase reforming

Yulia V. Basova; Atikur Rahman; Mizanur Rahman; Shamsuddin Ilias; Debasish Kuila

(Profiled Authors: Debasish Kuila; Shamsuddin Ilias)

ACS National Meeting Book of Abstracts. 2009.


Novel mesopore silica supported bi- and multimetallic nanocatalysts, have been synthesized using a hydrothermal procedure. The materials possess high surface area, regular structure and large pore size, which enhance dispersion and reducibility of the catalyst. The performance of nanocatalysts containing palladium, nickel, tin and other transition metals by aqueous-phase reforming of methanol have been studied. These novel materials have demonstrated better catalytic activity and selectivity compared to conventional supported noble metal-based catalysts as well as steady performance with no decrease in hydrogen production over time. Incorporation of less than 7% tin into the nanocatalyst structure reduces CO formation by at least 65% without disturbing the catalyst's active sites, thereby producing a bifunctional nanocatalyst. The results obtained on nickel/tin nanocatalyst have shown that palladium can be completely substituted by non-noble metals without affecting the catalyst performance. The morphology, composition, activity and selectivity of the nanocatalysts for hydrogen production will be presented.

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