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Bimetallic Pd-Co nanocatalysts in mesoporous silica for steam reforming of methanol

Debasish Kuila; Atikur Rahman; Balaji Tatineni; Yulia Basova; Saiful Islam; Jasmine Taylor; Karshak Kosaraju; Mijanur Rahman; Mohammad Azharul Islam; James King; et al.

(Profiled Authors: James T King; Debasish Kuila; Shamsuddin Ilias)

ACS National Meeting Book of Abstracts. 2011.


Development of efficient, cost-effective and reusable catalysts is a major challenge for steam reforming of biofuels to produce hydrogen. We are interested in the synthesis of catalyst-support containing metal catalysts that plays an important role in H2 production. Previously, we investigated steam reforming of methanol (SRM) to produce H2 using sol-gel supported Ni- and Co-catalysts. To increase the surface area, catalyst distribution and its activity, we have developed one-pot synthesis of Pd-Co bimetallic nanocatalysts in mesoporous silica (MCM-41) using surfactant as a template. The surface areas of the novel materials are quite high, ∼ 900-1000, compared to 300-400 m2/g for that of silica sol-gel support. Interestingly, the MCM-41 structure is disrupted with a higher loading of the metal salts. The potential of Pd-Co nanocatalysts in MCM-41 for SRM to produce H2 is currently being investigated. The results from our ongoing experiments will be presented.

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