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Dilute-sulfuric acid pretreatment of cattails for cellulose conversion

Bo Zhang; Lijun Wang; Abolghasem Shahbazi; Oumou Diallo; Allante Whitmore

(Profiled Authors: Abolghasem Shahbazi; Lijun Wang)

Bioresource Technology. 2011;102(19):9308-9312.


The use of aquatic plant cattails to produce biofuel will add value to land and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by replacing petroleum products. Dilute-sulfuric acid pretreatment of cattails was studied using a Dionex accelerated solvent extractor (ASE) varying acid concentration (0.1-1%), treatment temperature (140-180 °C), and residence time (5-10. min). The highest total glucose yield for both the pretreatment and enzyme hydrolysis stages (97.1% of the cellulose) was reached at a temperature of 180 °C, a sulfuric acid concentration of 0.5%, and a time of 5. min. Cattails pretreated with 0.5% sulfuric acid are digestible with similar results at enzyme loadings above 15. FPU/g glucan. Glucose from cattails cellulose can be efficiently fermented to ethanol with an approximately 90% of the theoretical yield. The results in this study indicate that cattails are a promising source of feedstock for advanced renewable fuel production. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.

PMID: 21807504    

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