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Daniel Touchette

Research Interest Keywords

pharmacist, medication adherence, cost-effectiveness, pharmacoeconomics, comparative effectiveness


H-Index: 15
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Research Statement: Daniel Touchette is Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice and in the Department of Pharmacy Administration. He has been with the CPR since August 2005. Dr. Touchette received his BS in Pharmacy from the University of Manitoba, and his PharmD and Master of Economics degree from Wayne State University in Detroit. He and also completed a fellowship in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research at Wayne State. Dr. Touchette's research interests are in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research. In particular he is interested in assessing the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of clinical pharmacist and other health practitioner services, developing and assessing methods for improving adherence to medications, and evaluating pharmaceutical agents for efficiency and alternative uses. Dr. Touchette is also the Network Director for the ACCP Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN).


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