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Glen Thomas Schumock

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Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmacoepidemiology, Drug Safety, Pharmacy Services


H-Index: 27
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Research Statement: Glen Schumock is Professor and Head of the Department of Pharmacy Systems, Outcomes and Policy, at the College of Pharmacy of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). His research focuses on clinical and economic outcomes evaluations of pharmaceuticals and medication use policy, drug safety, and the evaluation of progressive pharmacy services. Dr. Schumock was previously the principal investigator of the UIC/Chicago-Area DEcIDE (Developing Evidence to Inform Decisions about Effectiveness) Research Center – one of 11 centers in the US funded by AHRQ focused on the emerging field of comparative effectiveness research. Dr. Schumock has authored and edited over 100 articles and books and he is on the editorial boards of the journals Pharmacotherapy, and PharmacoEconomics, and is associate editor of the Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research. Dr. Schumock is a fellow of American College of Clinical Pharmacy.


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