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Metabolomic response of human skin tissue to low dose ionizing radiation

Ze-Ping Hu; Young-Mo Kim; Marianne B. Sowa; R. Joe Robinson; Xiaoli Gao; Thomas O. Metz; William F. Morgan; Qibin Zhang

(Profiled Author: Zeping Hu)

Molecular BioSystems. 2012;8(7):1979-1986.


Understanding how human organs respond to ionizing radiation (IR) at a systems biology level and identifying biomarkers for IR exposure at low doses can help provide a scientific basis for establishing radiation protection standards. Little is known regarding the physiological responses to low dose IR at the metabolite level, which represents the end-point of biochemical processes inside cells. Using a full thickness human skin tissue model and GC-MS-based metabolomic analysis, we examined the metabolic perturbations at three time points (3, 24 and 48 h) after exposure to 3, 10 and 200 cGy of X-rays. PLS-DA score plots revealed dose- and time-dependent clustering between sham and irradiated groups. Importantly, delayed metabolic responses were observed at low dose IR. When compared with the high dose at 200 cGy, a comparable number of significantly changed metabolites were detected 48 h after exposure to low doses (3 and 10 cGy) of irradiation. Biochemical pathway analysis showed perturbations to DNA/RNA damage and repair, lipid and energy metabolisms, even at low doses of IR. © 2012 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

PMID: 22610363    

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