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Reconstitution of modified chromatin templates for in vitro functional assays

Miyong Yun; Chun Ruan; Jae-Wan Huh; Bing Li

(Profiled Author: Bing Li)

Methods in Molecular Biology. 2012;833:237-253.


To study the functions of histone modifications in the context of chromatin, it is necessary to be able to prepare nucleosomal templates that carry specific posttranslational modifications in a defined biochemical system. Here, we describe two sets of protocols for reconstituting designer nucleosomes that contain specifically modified histones. The resulting nucleosomes are suitable for electromobility shift assays, chromatin remodeling assays, and other functional and structural studies. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

PMID: 22183598     PMCID: PMC3749000    

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