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Tango7 directs cellular remodeling by the Drosophila apoptosome

Alejandro D'Brot; Po Chen; Mahesh Vaishnav; Shujun Yuan; Christopher W. Akey; John M. Abrams

(Profiled Author: John M Abrams)

Genes and Development. 2013;27(15):1650-1655.


It is now well appreciated that the apoptosome, which governs caspase-dependent cell death, also drives nonapoptotic caspase activation to remodel cells. However, the determinants that specify whether the apoptosome acts to kill or remodel have yet to be identified. Here we report that Tango7 collaborates with the Drosophila apoptosome to drive a caspase-dependent remodeling process needed to resolve individual sperm from a syncytium. In these cells, Tango7 is required for caspase activity and localizes to the active apoptosome compartment via its C terminus. Furthermore, Tango7 directly stimulates the activity of this complex in vitro. We propose that Tango7 specifies the Drosophila apoptosome as an effector of cellular remodeling. © 2013 by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.

PMID: 23913920     PMCID: PMC3744723    

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