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Dendrimers terminated with dichlorotriazine groups provide a route to compositional diversity

Subrata Patra; Brittany Kozura; Adela Y.-T. Huang; Alan E. Enciso; Xiankai Sun; Jer-Tsong Hsieh; Chai-Lin Kao; Hui-Ting Chen; Eric E. Simanek

(Profiled Authors: Jer-Tsong Hsieh; Xiankai Sun)

Organic Letters. 2013;15(15):3808-3811.


Triazine dendrimers terminated with either four or eight dichlorotriazines can be prepared in high yields by reacting an amine-terminated dendrimer with cyanuric chloride. These materials exist as white powders and are stable to storage at room temperature. Sequential nucleophilic aromatic substitution with two different amine nucleophiles yields compounds that display the desired compositional diversity. Reaction conditions for the substitution were developed using a model dichlorotriazine with amine nucleophiles at -20, 0, and 25 C. Selective substitution is favored at lower temperatures and with more nucleophilic amine groups. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

PMID: 23869522     PMCID: PMC4091816    

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