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Site-specific characterization of the Asp-and Glu-ADP-ribosylated proteome

Yajie Zhang; Jianqi Wang; Ming Ding; Yonghao Yu

(Profiled Author: Yonghao Yu)

Nature Methods. 2013;10(10):981-984.


Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation is catalyzed by a family of enzymes known as PARPs. We describe a method to characterize the human aspartic acid-and glutamic acid-ADP-ribosylated proteome. We identified 1,048 ADP-ribosylation sites on 340 proteins involved in a wide array of nuclear functions; among these were many previously unknown PARP downstream targets whose ADP-ribosylation was sensitive to PARP inhibitor treatment. We also confirmed that iniparib had a negligible effect on PARP activity in intact cells.

PMID: 23955771    

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