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A p53 enhancer region regulates target genes through chromatin conformations in cis and in trans

Nichole Link; Paula Kurtz; Melissa O'Neal; Gianella Garcia-Hughes; John M. Abrams

(Profiled Author: John M Abrams)

Genes and Development. 2013;27(22):2433-2438.


We examined how a p53 enhancer transmits regulatory information in vivo. Using genetic ablation together with digital chromosome conformation capture and fluorescent in situ hybridization, we found that a Drosophila p53 enhancer region (referred to as the p53 response element [p53RE]) physically contacts targets in cis and across the centromere to control stress-responsive transcription at these sites. Furthermore, when placed at ectopic genomic positions, fragments spanning this element re-established chromatin contacts and partially restored target gene regulation to mutants lacking the native p53RE. Therefore, a defined p53 enhancer region is sufficient for longrange chromatin interactions that enable multigenic regulation. © 2013 Link et al.

PMID: 24240233     PMCID: PMC3841732    

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