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Calcineurin-dependent ion channel regulation in heart

Yanggan Wang; Samvit Tandan; Joseph A. Hill

(Profiled Author: Joseph A Hill)

Trends in Cardiovascular Medicine. 2014;24(1):14-22.


Calcineurin, a serine-threonine-specific, Ca2+-calmodulin-activated protein phosphatase, conserved from yeast to humans, plays a key role in regulating cardiac development, hypertrophy, and pathological remodeling. Recent studies demonstrate that calcineurin regulates cardiomyocyte ion channels and receptors in a manner which often entails direct interaction with these target proteins. Here, we review the current state of knowledge of calcineurin-mediated regulation of ion channels in the myocardium with emphasis on the transient outward potassium current (Ito) and L-type calcium current (ICa,L). We go on to discuss unanswered questions that surround these observations and provide perspective on future directions in this exciting field. © 2013.

PMID: 23809405     PMCID: PMC3830706    

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