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Upper tract changes in patients with neurogenic bladder and sustained pressures >40 cm following bladder neck surgery without augmentation

Warren Snodgrass; Carlos Villaneuva; Micah Jacobs; Patricio Gargollo

(Profiled Authors: Warren T Snodgrass; Micah A Jacobs)

Journal of Pediatric Urology. 2014.


Objective: We report new hydronephrosis or VUR (vesicoureteral reflux) in patients with end filling pressures >40 cm for at least 1 year after bladder neck surgery without augmentation for neurogenic incontinence. Materials: Consecutive children with neurogenic sphincteric incompetency had bladder neck surgery without augmentation. Postoperative renal sonography and fluoroscopic urodynamics were done at 6 months, 12 months, and then annually. Those with sustained end fill pressures >40 cm for ≥1 year were included as participants in the study. Results: Of 79 patients, 17 (22%) had end fill pressures >40 cm for at least 1 year despite anticholinergics, with follow-up a mean of 39 months. New hydronephrosis or VUR developed in six (35%). All new hydronephrosis resolved with medical treatment, as did two out of three new VUR cases. The other patient with VUR had successful Dx/HA (dextranomer hyaluronic acid) injection. Conclusions: Despite sustained pressures >40 cm, upper tract changes developed in only 35% of patients, and resolved with medical management or minimally invasive interventions. End pressures should not be used as an independent indication for augmentation. © 2014 Journal of Pediatric Urology Company.

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